Legal information design

Legal information is usually delivered in a complex, not engaging manner. This is not only a problem for citizens and consumers, but also for professionals and businesses: unclear contracts and regulations lead to misunderstandings, wrong decisions, and legal troubles.

In my work, I specialize in transforming contracts into user-friendly tools for business. Better understanding mean more effective processes internally and better relationships with customers and suppliers.


Contract & document design
I create templates, explanatory visualizations, and systems of icons to make contracts and other complex documents usable, engaging, and in line with your business goals.
I work on document structure and organization to ensure that the information is presented from a point of view that makes sense with the users. Additionally, I can conduct user research and testing to ensure that the (re)design project meets its goals.

Service design & innovation
Sometimes improving documents is just the first step towards more radical change.
With my expertise in user-centered design, design thinking and lean service development, I can help you create and prototype new processes, flows of information, offerings, and customer touchpoints.

Workshops, talks, training
I am the creator of Legal Design Jam, a hands-on, full-day workshop to ideate and prototype solutions to improve legal documents. I can provide tailor-made workshops, lectures, and coaching sessions to support all your legal design needs.

Some examples of my work