Legal information design

Legal information is usually delivered in a complex, not engaging manner. This is not only a problem for citizens and consumers, but also for professionals and businesses: unclear contracts and regulations lead to misunderstandings, wrong decisions, and legal problems.

In my work, I specialize in contract visualization: with the help of visual communication and information design, I transform contracts into user-friendly tools for business. Better understanding mean more effective processes internally and better relationships with customers and suppliers.


Contract visualization & document design
I create templates, explanatory visualizations, and systems of icons to make contracts, contract guides, and other complex (legal) documents usable, engaging, and in line with your business goals. I work on document structure and organization to ensure that the information is presented from a point of view that makes sense with the users. I develop design pattern libraries and style guides. Additionally, I conduct user research and testing to ensure that the (re)design project meets its goals.

Legal design, service design & innovation
Sometimes improving documents is just the first step towards more radical change – this is where legal design enters the picture. Legal design is the application of design thinking to the field of law, in order to make its systems, processes, and documents more useful, usable and transparent for all the stakeholders involved. With my expertise in user-centered design, design thinking, and lean service development (I taught these subjects at Aalto University for 5+ years), I can help you create and prototype new processes, flows of information, offerings, and customer touchpoints.

Workshops, talks, training
I am an experienced lecturer and workshop facilitator, and I can provide tailor-made workshops, lectures, and coaching sessions to support all your legal design and contract design needs. I am the creator of Legal Design Jam, a hands-on, full-day workshop to ideate and prototype solutions to improve legal documents.

Some examples of my work