I am a designer, consultant, and researcher – based in Helsinki, Finland.

I specialize in contract design and legal design, helping private and public organizations make their contracts, T&Cs, contract briefs, contract guides, policies, etc. user-friendly, clear, and effective. My work ranges over information design, service design, user research and testing, concept and brand design, user and customer experience.

I have been pioneering legal design for almost a decade, bringing design thinking & doing to in-house legal departments, law firms, legal tech startups, and public organizations. I am the initiator of Legal Design Jam, a hands-on workshop that brings together different stakeholders to give extreme user-centric makeovers to a chosen contract (or any other type of insufferably dense legal/bureaucratic document). I also wrote my doctoral dissertation on how visualizations can enhance the usability and user experience of contracts. I have been awarded IACCM Fellow status by the IACCM (International Association for Contracting and Commercial Management) for my work on contract simplification and innovation.

I am the VP for Social Media on the board of the IIID (International Institute for Information Design) and I served as its World Regional Representative for Finland (2014-2018). I am also a member of Ornamo and Grafia.

In the past, I have been leading the Internship Innovation Project (I2P) at Aalto University. I2P is an “innovation-in-action” course provided in collaboration with ESADE Business School (Barcelona, Spain), in which multidisciplinary and international student teams tackle real-life, open-ended innovation challenges assigned by partner companies.

I obtained a MA in Graphic Design from Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture, and a D.Sc (Tech) from Aalto University School of Science.