CoffinMew Terms of Business

CoffinMew is a law firm that takes clear communication with its customers seriously. In their business terms, they promise communication in plain language… but what if the terms look and feel just like anybody else’s? How to communicate CoffinMew’s brand value at a glance?

Firstly, I worked on creating visual consistency: CoffinMew has a colourful and distinctive logo, in which the square and rectangle shape are keys. Their brochures and information materials also rely extensively on icons, and on a friendly, informative, and direct style. The first step was to bring these features to the terms and adapt them to this different document genre.

Secondly, I worked on translating into the design brand promises like “good customer service” and “we are lawyers who you can understand”. I created several explanatory diagrams and tables to communicate more clearly certain parts of the terms. It is not enough to dump mandatory information about customers’ rights somewhere in the terms of business: the information needs to be ultra-clear and, most importantly, actionable.