spring mandala

This project was a finalist in the stamp competition “Kevään Onnittelut!” [Spring Greetings!] organized by the Finnish Post. The goal of the competition was to create a lively and joyful set of stamps that would celebrate the coming back of spring and its many celebrations (graduations, weddings, 1st of May, Midsummer…).

My proposal consisted of a family of 5 die-cut stamps, presented on a folded sheet. The die-cut allows personalization when the stamp is used, depending on the colour of the envelope on which is used. The shape of the stamp sheet is an important part of the project, because it introduces an element of playfulness as well as making visible at first sight the main feature of this series of stamps.


The goal of “Kaj Franck’s Anniversary” stamp competition was to create a set of stamps that would commemorate the hundred years jubilee of Kaj Franck’s birth. My proposal was awarded the 2nd prize in the competition.

The stamps are printed on a transparent film, as a reference to Franck’s mastership in glassware. Transparency is also an allusion to his philosophy: essential, pure shapes and the designer as an invisible, ethical creator. The four stamps have different sizes – and present a myriad of colours – to counterbalance the minimal geometry of the shapes. The intent was to communicate the liveliness that beloved daily objects can bring into our home.