Tonni Vetoa [The One-Ton Bet]

Minsu Kuusisto (AD), Stefania Passera, Reetta Maila, Lasse Vuorento, Henna Kärkkäinen, and Ilona Kuusela

During Summer 2010 I was part of a team in charge of designing the concept, initial products and services, brand, and launch campaign of Ilmastoinfo – a new center that would provide environmentally-consicous information to the citizens.


As part of its launch, we envisioned a campaign aimed at making citizens take a pledge of reducing their own CO2 emissions: the campaign was called Tonni Vetoa (“The One-Ton Bet), and it was an interactive, integrated campaign.

The idea aimed at involving citizens playfully, in real life and online, rather than making them feel guilty about their consumption behaviors. The pledges could be taken online, but we also organized live interactions to engage the citizens. The name was a reference to the tons of CO2 emissions that citizens, through their collective action, would manage to save.

A container placed in Kamppi had its internal walls covered with a huge ReBoard “puzzle”: the over 100 cut out figures, representing CO2 emissions, were taken out and left in public places and public transportation. The citizens could bring back the figure, thus “saving emissions” and get a free bowl of organic, zero-km soup, and the possibility to take the pledge.

Additionally, we hired actors to go around the city dragging huge toy figures on wheels, also representing emissions, in order to humorously interact with citizens and make them interested in the CO2 emissions issue.