This poster was hand-printed in a limited edition of 50 copies, utilizing a stencil, water-based sustainable paint and old Helsingin Sanomat newspaper spreads. Graphic designers are often creating posters and campaigns addressing environmental issues, but we could actually do what we preach by being more conscious in the material and implementation choices we do in our projects. The pieces have a dual nature: valuable, unique and hand-made artefacts, made basically out of trash. The posters were sent via snail-mail as a thought-provoking Christmas present to all major design agencies, professionals and educators in Finland.


A poster designed for “Your real social network – Xtract International Design Student Competition 2008”. The entries had to be either posters or short videos representing the theme of social networks in our real lives. The poster was awarded the 2nd prize.


A poster to raise awareness about the problem of climate change.


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