The EMMA Collection and the public – places, spaces, identities

This information design project, implemented as a large installation, explores visually the status of the Espoo Museum of Modern Art (EMMA) Collection, a large art collection of public art, mostly located in public spaces outdoors and indoors around the city of Espoo. The Collection is a paradox: by being so public, it also becomes dispersed and invisible to the public.

The work explores the reality of the Collection from a birds-eye perspective, illustrating it as geographical and statistical data. Apart from the location of the artworks, we get to know patterns in the Collection, such as the most featured artists, their gender, their nationality, the artwork techniques and which areas and buildings in Espoo host most art.


The installation was one of the centrepieces of the exhibition AYE / NAY / ABSENT – A COLLECTION OF REALITIES. The exhibition was accompanied by participatory workshops, for which I designed three foldable posters. The posters contained the instructions and materials necessary for carrying out the workshop activities.

[click on the posters to view/download the PDF]